IOT Online Training

Internet of things online training:

IOT online training by Kelly technologies is considered to be one of the best in the industry for working professionals who wish to learn from the comfort and convenience of their place.

What is IOT?

Internet of things,a full form of IOT OnlineTraining   can be defined as a network of things namely physical devices, electronic devices, vehicles, homes, appliances and all other devices which can be embedded with communication chips, IOT Online Course sensors, actuators etc to enable them to communicate between themselves and work together with any human assistance or preprogrammed software.

The learning outcomes ofInternet of things online training is as below:

  • Introduction of IOT infrastructure and its principles.
  • Understanding the wireless communications systems and their concepts.
  • Overview of IOT security infrastructure.
  • To master skills in IOT implementation.
  • To master various concepts of Data analytics, open Data, Privacy on the internet of things etc.
  • To gain working knowledge of designing, developing, implementing, deploying and managing IOT processes.
  • Setting up raspberry Pi and sensors.
  • Creating solutions with raspberry pi and Sense hat board.
  • Implementing IOT with Azure.
  • IOT communication protocols.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Working knowledge of live IOT project for complete practical knowledge.

Who will benefit from the Internet of things online training course?

  • IT professionals
  • System administrators
  • Electronics engineers
  • Students and jobseekers. Etc.

Why should you choose Kelly technologies for IOT online training?

IOT online training by Kelly technologies is a unique combination of online classes along with on-demand 24×7 support by reputed industry expert professional trainers. Kelly technologies provide instructor-led live sessions with real-life case studies and assignments to help you gain as much practical as theoretical knowledge. Kelly technologies are also known for its post-training support such as interview preparation, resume preparation, Lifetime access to materials and videos for future reference, placement assistance etc.

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